Shoes and chocolate

I would not to sin of immodesty saying that the only thing in the world pushing women to commit craziness, are shoes and chocolate.  Never mind the small “coup de folie” that we allow ourselves to capture the attention of a man. I’m talking about real ordinary madness.

Cause do you want to tell me that have you ever pass (by pure chance) for days and days in front of a shop window and there, those shoes look at you. And finally, on the third day, okay there’s the rent and bills, but a pair of shoes never bankrupted no one!   In the evening, in your feet, they are prettier than ever.

Then suppose you have spent hundreds of euros to the dietician that month. You go to the supermarket with your depressing shopping list, and there’s him. He’s cocky, with that gaudy packaging. Don’t give a damn that is just that Monday of January where you had really decided to start that famous diet once for all.

And eventually, that violet gives just a touch of color in your cart, with those sad rice cakes and those cookies sugar free. And then you look at that chocolate scrolling on the treadmill, you lower your eyes at your feet, and you just smile!

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